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  Grievance committee

   Arpana Edala MD

   Nidhi Jain MD

  This is a free service provided by the grievance committee on behalf of AAPI (Arkansas) to its members.

  Potential grievances can include but not limited to:

   Wrongful termination

   Ethnic discrimination with proof

   Visa issues

  Members (in good standing) can contact the grievance committee through email / mail (, with a detailed information about the concern. Once we have the knowledge of the grievance, grievance committee will be responsible for collecting all the details and verifying the credibility.

  Grievance committee will summarize the grievance and potential resolution if possible and present it to the Executive Committee.

  Executive Committee will work with Grievance committee and affected member to come with a possible solution and release a resolution statement to appropriate authority.


   While Grievance committee and the executive committee will make every possible attempt to resolve the issue, resolution is not guaranteed.

  AAPI (Arkansas) does not have regulatory authority

  AAPI (Arkansas) cannot resolve legal issues.

  AAPI (Arkansas) cannot resolve personal grudges.

  AAPI (Arkansas) resolve sexual harassment.

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