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   Harmony Health Clinic

   AAPI Arkansas is a major supporter of Harmony Health Clinic, a clinic for the uninsured, undocumented and homeless in Central Arkansas. Many AAPI Arkansas MD's volunteer in the clinic besides providing generously to the organization. AAPI Arkansas has also donated to them generously since 2013













   Harmony Clinic Donation Report 2017

   Funds helped to provide educational resources and glasses for the Ophthalmology Clinic run by Dr. Grant Morshedi – Approx $2000

   Provide supplies for the Diabetes Clinic run by Dr. Nidhi Jain for the Point of Care HbAIC machine- Approx $2500

   Carry over funds not spent in these specialty clinics also impacted our dental clinic by providing dental floss, tooth brushes, mouth wash, and Fixodent for our homeless patients.

   2018- Focus will be on expanding Psychiatric Services and lab services

   . Psychiatric Clinic is led by Dr. Prasad Padala and Dr. Puru Thapa. We need therapy and medications for our patients suffering from common ailments like depression and anxiety. The majority of therapeutic options are very affordable but some are not.

   . Expand Lab Services- we are currently on a budget to spend no more than $1000 worth of labs. However, we have some very ill chronic patients with renal failure and DM, who need more labs on a more frequent basis. We need to be able to expand our lab services budget as needed.

   Little Rock Police Department, Little Rock Fire Department, and Arkansas State Police Welfare Associations

   Starting in 2015, AAPI Arkansas has supported our first responders, the LRPD and LRFD with $5,000 each. Starting 2017, we also started supporting Arkansas State Police. The funds are used for the welfare of the officers and their families and to provide some additional amenities at the stations they work at.

   Save India Farmers

Save India Farmers

  AAPI Arkansas is proud to support "Save Indian Farmers" which is a non profit organization dedicated to improving lives of farmers and their families in India with innovative approaches. AAPI Arkansas donated $5000 to them at their Annual fund raising concert SAFAR2 at UALR on May 19, 2018. We hope this donation will help them succeed in their new initiative Project Jal aimed at Borewell Recharge for over 200 farmers in several drought affected areas in India.

   AIM for Seva

AIM for Seva

   AAPI (Arkansas) donated $1000 to AIM for Seva on Oct 7th 2018 at the Jagat Pavani Ganga- Musical sponsored by them at the Robinson Center in Little Rock AIM for Seva offers integrated community development programs, reaching out to rural and tribal children across 15 Indian states. Their mission is to reach education to every child across the nation through the concept of a Free Student Home.

   Sulabha Trust (Mumbai)

   This is an institution that caters to the needs of the physically and mentally challenged children. The school provides various facilities like PT, OT and vocational training to make these children independent citizens when they grow up. Most children are from the poorest of societies whose parents cannot afford services needed for these children. AAPI contribution in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and 2018 was $5000 each year.

   RGV School (Bangalore)

   This is a school run by an NFP organization. The school provides unique services in that it caters to the children of street vendors, auto drivers, maids etc. whose children are first time school goers. The cost of provide education, books and uniforms for one year is $150 per student. AAPI contribution was $5000 in 2015 and 2016, $2500 in 2017 and again $5000 in 2018 which has been used to build a playground, bathrooms and laboratory for these children.

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief- AAPI (Arkansas) took a leading role in raising funds for the relief activities and donated the following amounts
  • HRDC Hospital Nepal ($5000 in 2015)
  • TUTH Hospital Nepal ($27000 in 2015)
  • Chennai Flood relief in 2016- AAPI Arkansas donated $5000 in 2016 to the Cuddalore Medical camp serving the people affected by the historical floods

  The other charities that AAPI Arkansas has supported over the last 10 years include

  • Ark Rice Depot ($2400 in 2013 and $4800 in 2014)
  • UAMS Family Home ($2000 in 2013 ans $4000 in 2014)
  • Chimek Academy ($5000 in 2013)
  • Salvation Army Kroger ($1000 in 2013)
  • Baker elementary ($2400 in 2013
  • UAMS cancer Home ($2010 in 2013)
  • Interfaith Center ($1200 in 2014)
  • Sankara Nethralaya ($1000 in 2015)
  • Mahesh Foundation Belgaum ($950 in 2015)
  • Concert Support Charity ($500 in 2015)
  • Arkansas Charity Dance ($1000 in 2015)
  • Save India Farmers ($500 in 2016)
  • FOI walkathon supporting LRPD ($500 in 2017)
  • SDS TB Sanatorium ($3500 in 2010)

These charity activities are possible only because of generous donations of our members and supporters.

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