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President's Message

Sudheer Reddy Koyagura, MD MPH MBA

AAPI (Arkansas) President 2022

Dear Members, Sponsors and Friends,

   It'a great privilege to lead this highly prestigious organization AAPI Arkansas. As we step into another wonderful year, I would like to thank all our members for their hard work and support during this difficult time.

   Last year we all had our ups and downs and ins and outs. And I believe we have all been able to take something from that and grow in our own ways. As we step into another great year let's remember those experiences from the past year which makes us stronger and better persons and let's make 2022 a truly wonderful and memorable year for everyone.

   You all know our AAPI Arkansas core principles are Networking, Knowledge sharing and charity.
    With our core principles in mind, our vision 2022 is going to be

  1. Planning activities to reduce physician burnout.(One of the most important thing during this pandemic)
  2. Community Health Education on Chronic and preventable diseases
  3. Partnership with Local Organizations in awarding more scholarships and more charity contributions
  4. Leadership Courses to our physician members

   From this year onwards, we also have an AAPI Arkansas disaster relief fund for our members which can be available to our family members during emergency situations.

  I strongly believe that active participation of all AAPI members would make a big difference for the organization. There is no donation as big or small every donation matters. Please encourage your fellow Indian origin physicians to be members of AAPI.

  I would like to thank the dedicated team of Office Bearers and Governing Body members who work hard year-round to achieve our goals and mission. I thank the Advisory Committee which consists of past presidents for their guidance.

   I strongly urge all members to renew their membership online by clicking on the 'RENEW MEMBERSHIP' above which will take you to the Paypal page. I thank all the donors and sponsors who have supported us in the past and continue to support our charity activities. I sincerely request all of you to donate using the 'DONATE' button above via Paypal. Please share all your wonderful ideas, thoughts and suggestions with me to help the organization. Let's all continue to work as the enthusiastic bees and rock 2022!!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Sudheer Reddy Koyagura MD MPH MBA
President, AAPI Arkansas.

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