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Harmony Health Clinic : AAPI Arkansas is a major supporter of Harmony Health Clinic, a clinic for the uninsured, undocumented and homeless in Central Arkansas. Many AAPI Arkansas MD's volunteer in the clinic besides providing generously to the organization. In 2017 AAPI Arkansas provided $7,500 to Harmony Health Clinic besides supporting the catering expenses for the Harmony Health Clinic Annual Fundraiser.

Little Rock Police Department and Little Rock Fire Department Welfare Associations : Starting in 2015, AAPI Arkansas has supported our first responders, the LRPD and LRFD with $5,000 each. The funds are used for the welfare of the officers and their families and to provide some additional amenities at the stations they work at.

India Fest : AAPI Arkansas was the initial mover and motivator of India Fest and contributed the seed funding for the first event to be held in 2015. Since then we have continued to support the event which has grown each year attracting about 7,500 people for its 2017 extravaganza. We contributed over $8,000 since inception besides bringing in new sponsors from our side.

Arkansas High School Student Scholarships : AAPI Scholarship committee invites applications each year from seniors of LRSD/PCSSD/NLRSD and offers scholarships to meritorious and deserving students. This year we received about 25 applications and awarded 6 applicants with $1500 each in the need based category and 5 applicants with $500 in the merit category. We also had a special award of $2,500.

Sulabha Trust (Mumbai) : This is an institution that caters to the needs of the physically and mentally challenged children. The school provides various facilities like PT, OT and vocational training to make these children independent citizens when they grow up. Most children are from the poorest of societies whose parents cannot afford services needed for these children. AAPI contribution in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was $5000 each year.

RGV School (Bangalore) : This is a school run by an NFP organization. The school provides unique services in that it caters to the children of street vendors, auto drivers, maids etc. whose children are first time school goers. The cost of provide education, books and uniforms for one year is $150 per student. AAPI contribution in 2015 and 2016 was $5000 and $2,500 in 2017 which has been used to build a playground, bathrooms and laboratory for these children. AAPI Arkansas has also contributed to UAMS Family Home, Arkansas Rice Depot, Food ForKids Program besides contributing to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. We estimate that over the past few years we have donated around $250,000.00 towards charitable and scholarship activities.

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