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AAPI Arkansas 15th Anniversary Event

Saturday, October 28th 2023, 3:00 PM Onwards
Statehouse Convention Center
426 W Markham St.
Little Rock, AR 72201

   AAPI Arkansas Annual Event Agenda 2023

Sponsorship Details

   Sponsorship Level

Sponsorship Level 

Sponsor Level Amount Speech At Annual Event1 Exhibit At Annual Event2 Annual Event Banner3 Dinner Invite4 Website / Souvenir Affiliate Ad 5
Premier* $30000.00 Yes (30 Mins) Special Exhibit Yes Yes Yes
Platinum $20000.00 Yes (15 Min) Special Exhibit Yes Yes Yes
Diamond $10000.00 No Special Exhibit Yes Yes Yes
Gold $5000.00 No Yes No Yes Yes
Silver $3000.00 No Yes No Yes No

Premier Sponsors

Get priority for monthly Dinner talks in 5 regions (Central Arkansas, Hot Springs, Batesville, Northwest Arkansas and North East Arkansas) and other exclusive benefits that can be tailored to your needs.

   1.Speaking Time at the Annual Event

   Prime time exposure to all Indian American Physicians in the state (expected 400). Speech time will be 15-30 minutes and topic needs to be approved by AAPI Arkansas Event Co Chairs. Topic need to be general and not promotional pertaining to Specific product. Specific attendee list WILL NOT be provided.

   2.Exhibit at the Annual Event

   Exhibit table will be 6 ft. Special Exhibit-Outside the ballroom. Attendees will be encouraged to attend these exhibit for a chance to win gift cards. General Exhibit-Inside the Ballroom. Visit to the exhibit will be optional.

   3.Banner dispaly at the Annual Event

   Sponsor's banner will be displayed at a prominent location at the Annual Event. (Size not to exceed 3' x 8') .

   4.Dinner Invite

   Sponsors (+1 Guest) will be invited our Annual Welcome Dinner in June and Annual Holiday Dinner in November. Welcome dinner is of all new Indian American Physicians coming to the state. Holiday dinner is for our Supporters and Sponsors and the AAPI Arkansas Governing body. This benefit can be added to your package for $500 separately .

   5.Website Affiliate Ad

   Advertisement with a link to the their website will be placed on our website under Affiliates section for the whole calendar year. Please send your Advertisement material along with your website link to aapiarkansas@gmail.com.

Please write check to AAPI Arkansas and mail it to AAPI Arkansas P.O Box 22008, Little Rock, AR 72221 or Pay online at www.aapiarkansas.org under Sponsors page

To pay by check, mail the check to our address under 'Contact us'.

To pay online, fill the form below and click pay now

Sponsor Information

Sponsor Information

Contact Information

Sponsor Category

Premier : $30000.00

Platinum : $20000.00

Diamond : $10000.00

Gold : $5000.00

Silver / Event Exhibit Display Fee : $3000.00

Other Sponsor Amount (Enter Amount Only)* :

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