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President's Message

Naveen Kumar, MD

AAPI (Arkansas) President 2020

Dear AAPI Arkansas members and friends,

   I'm humbled and honored to serve as the President of AAPI (Arkansas) on its 12th year. I had the distinct privilege of working with this amazing group of individuals for the last seven years. I have seen the organization grow leaps and bounds in that period. Our membership has grown from 18 in 2008 to 276 as of now. With your generous contribution we have donated over quarter million dollars towards charity since our inception. We have made significant impact and changed lives here in Arkansas and back in India.

   While we take tremendous pride in our achievements so far, we are sincerely grateful to our supporters and volunteers who have helped us along this way. We also need to acknowledge that this is just a beginning and we must strive to use our collective voice and wisdom to do more. We need to explore more ways to make the lives around us and the communities that we live in, better.

   We have a strong dedicated team of Office bearers, Governing body and Advisory committee this year that has already started working towards our initiatives. One of our initiatives is making one of the main pillars you the members, very strong and vibrant, so we can continue to sustain and grow for decades to come. We will make every effort possible to improve membership engagement and communication which is the key to the success of any organization.

   "Go Green" will be one of our sustainability initiatives. Go Green team will focus on sustainable living education and resource generation. We will provide resources and education to our members and the community regarding methods to reduce our environmental footprint in order to leave a legacy of living green.

   We will have our first "AAPI Health Fair" in May 2020 during the India Fest event.

   We will also initiate "AAPI Observership" for IMG applicants. There is ever-increasing competition for residency programs. Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities for IMG's to obtain experience. With several program directors among our members, we will develop guidelines and implement AAPI Observership.

   Our charity collections for this year is going great. The charity committee consists of several prominent like minded and dedicated members in Little rock, Northwest Arkansas, Batesville, Jonesboro and Hot springs. With their help, we hope to continue our current charity commitments and if possible, reach out to more in need this year.

   The scholarship committee provides merit based and need based Scholarship to bright high school students of Arkansas.

   We are already planning community talks on healthcare presented by our own member experts and other outreach initiatives to expand our scope and improve the wellbeing of people around us.

   Lastly, we are in full steam working towards our 12th year anniversary Event, which will be on August 29th. More Details to follow soon. Please check back periodically for updates.

   Hope 2020 will bring new opportunities for us to continue to grow bigger and get better at what we do!

AAPI Arkansas Partners and Scope of Activities

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