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President's Message

Raghu Reddy, MD

AAPI (Arkansas) President 2021

Dear Members, Sponsors and Friends,

   I am humbled and honored as I begin 2021 as the president of AAPI Arkansas. These times have never been more relevant and important to our medical community. The year 2020 saw the worst pandemic of our lifetime and is still wreaking havoc. The medical community has served with dedication and grit in combating this pandemic. During these tough times, the members of AAPI have stood strong and supported every effort in serving the community or donating to COVID causes, in addition to donating to our other charity activities. It?s not an understatement to say that our AAPI members have been REAL HEROES during these tough times.

   Even through these difficult times, we have worked towards achieving AAPI?s goals and mission, which includes charity, education and community service. Some of the charities we have supported throughout the previous years and last year include organizations within Arkansas and in India. Some of the charity recipients include Arkansas Food Bank, Harmony Clinic of AR serving the uninsured, First responders including State and Local Police, Fire Dept and EMS, Save India Farmers, Sulabha Trust for Special Education and Research, India, and Rashtrotthana Parishat School, India. AAPI also supports education and research by proving scholarship prizes for high schoolers with outstanding profiles and to research presentations at our annual event. I would like to continue supporting all the above activities with the help of the great team we have formed.

   This year, we will also continue working towards achieving some of our other goals. We are actively exploring to create an ?Education Center? which would be AAPI?s Legacy Project. This education center is intended to provide direct educational support to under-privileged children to help them achieve their academic goals. We will extend our commitment to ?Go Green? projects. We will have community talks geared towards providing health education to our non-medical communities. We will also extend our member well-being talks covering various topics. We will also provide all the support that is needed to bring this pandemic under control by volunteering to any kind of activities like vaccinations, education or monetary support.

   We are still not sure how 2021 is going to pan out in terms of the pandemic. We had to skip our annual meeting in 2020, but plan to have it on August 28th this year if everything is better by then. I would like to thank the dedicated team of Office Bearers and Governing Body members who work hard year round to achieve our goals and mission. I thank the ?Advisory Committee? which consists of past presidents for their guidance. I strongly urge all members to renew their membership online by clicking on the 'RENEW MEMBERSHIP' above which will take you to the Paypal page. I thank all the donors and sponsors who have supported us in the past and continue to support our charity activities. I sincerely request all of you to donate using the 'DONATE' button above via Paypal.

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