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President's Message

Dear AAPI Arkansas members and friends,

     I am honored to serve as the President of AAPI Arkansas for 2017. I hail from a small rural town Chengalpattu in southern part of India close to the city of Chennai. I am blessed to be in this country especially in this Natural State. Arkansas is similar to the small town I grew up in, truly a land of opportunity. So are the challenges to the health of its residents due to high burden from chronic diseases such as hypertension, and diabetes. I am a family physician, serving as the Medical Director for Arkansas Department of Health's Chronic Disease Branch and the State Chronic Disease Director. I am passionate about prevention, management and improving care for people with chronic diseases in the state.

     Over the years, AAPI Arkansas has grown leaps and bounds not just in its membership but also in its charitable outreach efforts, giving back both to Arkansas and India. The tireless efforts of the AAPI leadership and their outstanding efforts over the years led to the growth of our organization.

     "To whom much is given, much is expected". AAPI Arkansas embodies the principles of charity, education, and networking. It is the charitable arm that drew me to AAPI Arkansas. As I take over as the President of AAPI Arkansas, I would like to see our charitable and outreach efforts expand and grow this year. I urge you all to extend your hands and reach out to those in need by giving your time, talent, and treasure. The charitable contributions made to AAPI Arkansas are 100% tax-deductible. AAPI Arkansas does not have any overhead cost, so all the monies collected through our charity drive goes directly to activities either in Arkansas or in India. Charitable contributions can be made through our website or the checks can be mailed to AAPI Arkansas, P.O. Box 22008, Little Rock, AR 72221.

     Lastly, growth of our organization depends on the growth and support of its members. Hope 2017 brings growth to AAPI Arkansas and its members.

Thank you!
Appathurai Balamurugan, MD, DrPH, MPH
AAPI Arkansas - President 2017
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