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AAPI (Arkansas) is committed to several charitable activities locally in Arkansas and in India, since its inception. We kindly request you to support us in our endeavors. Please click here to see list of current charitable activities. Click the link below to register and pay your donation online. (If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it to our address under 'Contact us')

AAPI Arkansas Charitable and Scholarship Activity details

Corporate Scholarship Donors Image Map
Below is a list of Our 2016 Donors
Platinum Donors ($5000+) Diamond Donors ($2500 - $4999)  
Balan Nair / Jaya Nair Kedar Jambhekar  
T.K Rao, ILS USA Prasad Padala  
  Aravind Rao  
  Raghu Reddy  
  Welspun USA  
  Rajesh Chockani  
  Prasad Hebbar  

Gold Donors ($1000 - $2499) Silver Donors ($500 - $999) Bronze Donors ($100 - $499)
Appathurai Balamurugan Nutan Bhaskar Indranil Chakraborti
Madhu Budharaja Nidhi Jain Joseph Chacko
Arpana Edala Manish Joshi Atul Kothari
Rangaswamy Govindarajan Sridhar Madgula Monica Grazuitti 
Naveen Patil Raju Mehta Devendra Patel
Senthil Raghavan Chaitanya Musham  Krishnappa Prasad
Rohan Samant Ganesh Nair Sara Tasneem
Suman Siddamreddy Nawal Shekhawat Vibhor Wadha
Friends of India - Rajesh Sara Tariq Shekhar  Adolph
Srini Ramaswamy Shree Sharma Priya Mendiratta
Kshama Jambhekar   Srinivas Gokarakonda
Balkrishna Singh   Aneet Sharma
Thomas Joseph   Ramakrishna Thotakura
Pramod Nelluri   Naveen Kumar
Tarun Pandey   Sowmya Reddy
Kamal Patel   Nishank Jain
    Sashi Komar Kona 
    Ghulam Khaleel 
    Atul Kothari


Our 2016 Donors

Our 2015 Donors

Our 2014 Donors

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