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AAPI Arkansas Contributes $32,000 Towards Nepal Earthquake Relief Funds

After the recent major earthquake disaster in Nepal, your organization, AAPI Arkansas took an immediate and unprecedented fund raising effort to help the earthquake victims. With tremendous support and generous donations from the members, nonmembers, as well as several contributions from the local community we were able to raise a total of $32,000 For the purpose of transparency to all our members, I am enclosing the details of all the donors and where the money is being sent. Please click here to see the donor details. AAPI Arkansas being a 503(c) (3), all your donations are tax deductible and by now you must have received the confirmation letter of your donations. If you have not received the letter, please contact us. To make sure, your dollar is efficiently utilized to help quake victims, the executive committee after review of all the details and input from us, has decided to send the money to two different hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal who are engaged in providing medical care for the earthquake victims.

USD 27,000 Is being sent to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH), Kathmandu Nepal. This is a tertiary care not for profit public institution, 440 bed University hospital with over 300 faculties, many residents, and fellows and is one of the major hospital in Kathmandu involved in the forefront of taking care of the earthquake victims from around the country. We believe that the money sent here will be appropriately utilized. The website for this hospital is

USD 5,000 is being sent to Hospital and Rehabilitation center for disabled children (HRDC), Kathmandu, Nepal. This is a not for profit hospital with 10 physicians and actively involved in taking care of the disabled children with the needed surgery and rehabilitation with an outstanding appreciation for the job they do. We believe that the money sent here will be appropriately used for the quake victims. The website for this hospital is

September 20, 2014. Annual Meeting was a huge success...
AAPI Arkansas Annual Meeting 2014 began with Dr. Abdullah Mubarak's speech on Hepatitis C followed by a lecture by the Director of the Arkansas Department of Health Dr. Nate Smith on Public Health in Arkansas. Our Chief Guests Dr. Joseph H. Bates, Dr. Joseph Beck also graced the occasion and inspired our members with their presence. Our 2014 President Dr. Naveen Patil discussed the State of the Association and our 2015 President Dr. Balan Nair laid out plans for the future of the association. The event was attended by about 175 physicians and health care professionals. Our members greatly enjoyed the musical concert by Chakrafonics group. We would like to thank our exhibitors and 2014 AAPI Arkansas office bearers and committee members for organizing the event.
September 24, 2011. Fall Meeting 2011 was a grand success...
AAPI Arkansas Fall Meeting 2011 was a grand success. The meeting began with Dr. Puru Thapa's speech on Depression followed by a lecture by Dr. Naveen Patil on Latent Tuberculosis. Our Chief Guests Honorable Senator Mark Pryor and AAPI USA Vice President Dr. Jayesh Shah also graced the occasion and inspired our members with their speech. Our President Dr. Ladly Abraham discussed the State of the Association and laid out plans for the future of the association. We would like to thank our special guest Mr. David Delie, President of Wellspun for his presence. The event was attended by about 110 physician members. Our members greatly enjoyed the muscial concert by Omkar and his group. We thank all the committee and members who worked to put this event together. Please call us or email us if you have any questions or comments.
June 21, 2011. AAPI (Arkansas) booth at UAMS Housestaff orientation
AAPI (Arkansas) Governing Body members Dr. Sara Tariq (President-Elect) and Dr. Naveen Patil (Secretary) staffed a booth at the UAMS Housestaff orientation week on June 21, 2011. Several new residents and fellows of Indian Origin visited the booth and learned about the organization and the services we provide.
December 10,2010. AAPI (Arkansas) featured in AAPI USA Journal
AAPI (Arkansas) Fall Meeting 2010 honored by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe and First Lady Ginger Beebe has been featured in National AAPI Journal Winter 2010-11 Edition. Thanks to our secretary Dr. Naveen Patil for wiritng the article. Please use the link below to view the journal and refer to page 53 for the article.
AAPI USA Journal Winter 2010-11
October 28, 2010. Indian Physicians make the Arkansas Times Arkansas' Best Doctors 2010 list
AAPI (Arkansas) congratulates the following Indian Physicians for making the Arkansas Times Best Doctors 2010 list in their respective specialty. The doctors in the list were nominated by fellow physicians through online and mail survey conducted by Arkansas Times.
Dr. Rajesh Sachdeva (Cardiology)
Dr. Ritu Sachdeva (Cardiology)
Dr. Ladly Abraham (Pulmonology) -our 2010-11 President-Elect
Dr. Sudhir Shah (Nephrology)
Please click the link below for further details
Arkansas Times Best Doctors 2010
September 25, 2010. AAPI (Arkansas) Fall Meeting 2010
AAPI (Arkansas) Fall Meeting 2010 was one of our best events so far. We had a record 150 physician members attend the event. Our Guest of Honor, The Honorable Governor Mike Beebe gave an inspiring speech emphasizing impact of the Indian Physicians on health care in the state. First Lady Ginger Beebe also joined us and enjoyed the Indian cuisine and the entertainment show after the program. We are grateful to have them at the event.
AAPI (Arkansas) honored our co-founders Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Narendar Gorukanti and Dr. Simon Abraham and the members who made it to the "Top Physicians 2010" list published by Arkansas Life Magazine; Dr. Sara Tariq, Dr. Kamal Patel and Dr. Anil Badhwar.
AAPI (Arkansas) donated $1000 each to the community organizations, Dorca's House and Autism Speaks to fulfill our continued commitment to charitable activities.
Clinical lecture was given Dr. Sudhir Shah, Professor and Director of Nephrology, UAMS, about Acid-Base disorders and we also had Mr. James Renk, President, National Bank of Arkansas speak about the benefits they offer to our members.
We are very excited about the growth and success of our organization. We strongly urge you to continue to be a part of this organization.
June 26, 2010. New Residents/Fellows Welcome Party

AAPI (Arkansas) had a welcome party for the Indian Physicians who will be starting their residencies and fellowships in July 2010 in UAMS. The event was held at our President Dr. Govindarajan's residence. Several residents departments including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Radiology attended the event with their family and had a chance to network with several committee members who attended the event with their family. We are planning to have similar welcome party every summer.
April 11, 2010. BAPS Temple Health Fair
AAPI (Arkansas) participated in Health fair for Indians organized by and at the BAPS Temple in North Little Rock. We provided routine Health care and preventive care counseling to several Indian residents residing in Arkansas.  We look forward to organizing and conducting more Health fairs like that to promote the health of all the residents in the state. We urge our members to come forward and support us in this cause.
April 17, 2010. Spring Meeting 2010 was a great success

AAPI (Arkansas) Spring meeting 2010 was a successful event. We had about 140 attendees at the event including 80 physician members, and 10 medical students. There were 15 new members who joined the organization.
The meeting started with Cancer Screening speech by Dr. Rangaswamy Govindarajan. Our Guest of Honor, Mayor Mark Stodola then gave a wonderful speech about the importance of our organization, and new services offered by LR city for the residents. Our president Dr. Narendar Gorukanti then presented a hand carved elephant statue as a souvenir to the Mayor. Dr. Naveen Patil gave a brief presentation on our charity donation in India, followed by business meeting by Dr. Senthil Raghavan. Our president then conducted the committee elections for 2010-11.
We had delicious south indian dinner catered by Woodlands from Memphis. Some of our members kids performed after the dinner including Sajal, Sreecharan and Divya.
Dr. Ladly Abraham did an amazing job being the host of the event. We had several drug sponsors and also a boutique sponsor from dallas who were present at the event.
AAPI (Arkansas) would like to thank all the members and sponsors for making the event successful
March 28, 2010. Charity work in India

AAPI (Arkansas) has donated 4 High Speed Ultrasonic Nebulizers, 1 Pulse oximeter and 240 cans of Pulmodose Nutrition Supplies to SDS TB Sanatorium and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases in Bangalore, India. Dr. Naveen Patil with AAPI (Arkansas) directly worked with Dr. Sashidhar Buggi, who is the Director of TB sanatorium to assess needs and coordinate the procurement and dissemination of the donated supplies. The TB Sanatorium has more needs including safe and hygienic water supply. AAPI (Arkansas) is accepting donation to install water purifiers in the hospital. If you are interested in donating contact us by email.
AAPI (Arkansas) will continue to look forward to avenues to donate to the needy institutions in India to accomplish our goal of improving health care in India.
November 17, 2009. AAPI (Arkansas) volunteered to give Flu shots to Indians at BAPS Temple

AAPI members were present at the BAPS Temple in Little Rock on November 16, 2009 and gave Seasonal Flu shots to Indians.
November 2009, Fall Meeting '09 was one of the best events we had so far...
Our Fall Meeting had a great turnout. We had about 80 physician members participate with their spouses and kids. We also had 11 sponsors. Attendees found the speeches by Dr. Patil on H1N1 influenza and Mr. Chacko on Financial Planning very useful. We had exciting time with Jeopardy by Dr. Kharod followed by exceptional DJ and dance organized by Dr. Bharany. We look forward to entertaining all members in our upcoming events.
October 2009, AAPI (Arkansas) is proud to announce its newly redesigned website.
The website has a lot of information about our activities and events. We have also made it very interactive and we have member-only pages with important information like our financial status and Member directory. Please read through all the information, sign up in the website and leave us your comments.
October 2009, AAPI (USA) President Dr. Vinod K. Shah meets with President Barack Obama in Washington.

Dr. Vinod Shah pleaded with President Obama for increased residency slots for medical graduates while extending AAPI's support to his healthcare reforms. Presenting a letter on behalf of AAPI in a stylishly prepared book containing Quotes by President Obama and rare photos of him, some of which were shot by Dr. Shah, Dr. Shah explained on behalf of AAPI, being a U.S. citizen and sharing kinship with 2.8 million Indians in the US - 60,000 of whom are medical professionals - he would like to express great pleasure and profound gratitude for providing genuine leadership at such a crucial moment in the history of the nation. Dr. Shah was accompanied by Congressman Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader who introduced Dr. Shah as president of AAPI and his close friend. Dr. Shah also invited President Obama as a chief guest to the annual convention of AAPI June 23-26, 2010 in Washington.
Spring Summit '09 was the ?rst event for AAPI (Arkansas) in the year 2009 and it turned out to be a big success. Indian Physicians from all over the state participated along with their families and enjoyed the event. There were physicians from Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Hot Springs, Camden, Marion, and Little Rock. About 30 new members joined the organization during the event. It was a great opportunity for all the Indian Physicians to interact and get to know each other.
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