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Governing Body 2014
President President Elect Vice-President (Membership)
Naveen Patil, M.D.,MHSA.
Medical Director,
HIV/STD & Hepatitis
State TB Control Officer
AR Dept. of Health
Balan Nair, M.D.
Private Practice
Little Rock, AR
Senthil Raghavan, M.D.
Vice President, ARCare
Vice-president (Activities) Treasurer Secretary
Srini Ramaswamy, M.D, MSHI
Family Practice
St. Vincentís Family Clinic
Little Rock, AR
Rohan Samant, M.D.
Asst. Prof. of Radiology
UAMS, Little Rock, AR
Balamurugan Appathurai, M.D., MPH
Medical Director/Associate Director for Science
Chronic Disease Branch/Center for Health Advancement
AR Dept. of Health
Executive Committee
Prajwal Chevvireddy, M.D.
Sanjay Dass, M.D.
Arpana Edala, M.D.
Supriya Jambhekar, M.D.
Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
Shahnawaz jiwani, M.D.
Sudheer Koyagura, M.D.(NWA)
Hospitalist - NWA Representative
Anil Kumar, M.D.
Cardiology - Jonesboro
Shikanth Medarmetla, M.D.
Bijay Nair, M.D.
Hematology - Oncology
Prasad Padala, M.D.
Aravind Rao, M.D.
Naveen Sanathkumar, M.D.
Cancer Research
Mukesh Sharma, M.D.(Hot Springs)
BK Singh, M.D.
Chair, BOT
Ladly Abraham, M.D.
Pulmonary and Critical Care
Private Practice
Little Rock, AR
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