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AAPI Arkansas was established in 2008 with the intention of providing its members with educational, networking, career guidance and charitable/volunteer opportunities. We are registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State as a Not For Profit entity.
In pursuit of its vision of providing the above services, AAPI Arkansas has provided several educational seminars and topics including: Depression, H1N1 Influenza, Myelodysplastic Disorders, Tuberculosis, Cancer Screening, Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Acid Base Disorders, Hansenís Disease, Anti-coagulation Therapy, Anti-infective Agents, Cancer Therapy Standards, Neurological Advances, Pancreatic Insufficiency, Community Acquired Pneumonia, Stroke Prevention, Diabetes Mellitus Updates from which our members have benefited immensely. The talks at our meetings and conventions are specifically geared to provide the latest in medical topics including new drugs, supplies, latest procedures and technologies that will improve patient care.
We have helped several physician members make the transition to move into Arkansas a pleasant one by providing them information about medical licensure process, places to live, schools and cultural support thus making the move a less stressful one. As most physicians make their move in June and July of each year, we have a welcome event for them organized around this time. Many members have told us that they were very apprehensive about their move, but our organization made them comfortable about the process. As Arkansas is a very poor and rural state with an acute shortage of physicians, we are helping these physicians in considering making Arkansas their home, thus benefiting the citizens of Arkansas immensely.
Many of our members participate in providing volunteer physician services at the Harmony Health Clinic ( HHC was established a few years ago with the intent of providing free medical and dental services to the uninsured and homeless in Arkansas. It has provided medical services to about 1800 patients over 6000 visits and 600 patients over 1200 visits for dental services. Many of the clinics are staffed by members of AAPI Arkansas and we encourage our members to contribute more of their time and services at each of our meetings. We have also provided charitable contributions to HHC. Our members have also participated in free vaccination camps for the poor organized by other organizations. AAPI Arkansas has contributed to local charities in Arkansas and these include Autism Speaks, Dorcas House (Battered Womenís Shelter) and Harmony Health Clinic, Little Rock Compassion Center, Salvation Army and Arkansas Rice Depot.
In the coming years (starting 2012) we plan to have the following charitable activities:
Contribute to 3-5 organizations in Arkansas which provide various services to the poor and needy.
Contribute & participate in activities to provide food to homeless people (including many veterans) at a Salvation Army Shelter every month.
Establish 5 scholarships throughout the state for medical and high school students who demonstrate academic excellence and community leadership.
Partner with other organizations to offer services from our members which may help the community and citizens of the state (mass vaccination clinics, free medical and dental camps, help during natural disasters-floods, hurricanes, tornadoes etc).
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