Letter From AAPI

Dear AAPI Arkansas Members,

We are pleased to announce that AAPI has made a formal arrangement with White & McGowan as the exclusive partner and preferred provider of financial planning and consulting services for AAPI members. It has come to the attention of AAPI leadership through multiple conversations with members that most have multiple holes in their family and financial planning and struggle to find adequate guidance for things beyond basic employer retirement plans and insurance. Such items include estate planning, asset protection, meaningful tax planning, more complex investment strategies, and so forth. Many of us have done well financially in terms of what we earn but we fail to appropriately organize, budget, and plan to the extent that we should, which leaves us and our families with a great deal of unnecessary exposure. We strive to be aware of what are members need and this is an area in which we find most are lacking sufficient help. Given this is our observation, it was our wish to investigate who could provide holistic financial planning, speak specifically to the needs of physicians, are familiar with Arkansas laws, and fully understand the nuances of how immigration laws impact the Indian American community when planning. For these reasons, we believe White & McGowan is the most appropriate fit for providing this benefit to our members. White and McGowan has been and continues to be a major corporate sponsor for the organization and the preferred firm of choice for many of our members. The company works exclusively with physicians and dentists throughout the country and help with holistic financial and family planning. The financial strategies and plans are designed by a practicing physician, financial advisor, and financial professional, Blake McGowan M.D., Matthew White, and John Kaplon.

Through recent collaboration with AAPI leadership, White & McGowan has agreed to provide free initial consultations and a discounted fee structure for AAPI members for the remainder of 2015 and through 2016. White & McGowan has also agreed to speak as an educational resource to our members at multiple locations throughout the state over the course of 2016. We are excited to officially endorse this relationship as we believe it will further equip and prepare our members and their families for the future.
We would like to make scheduling an initial consultation with White & McGowan as convenient as possible for our members. Clicking the link below will take you to an exclusive web page for AAPI members on the White & McGowan website.
The page in the link above will provide details regarding what comprehensive financial planning includes and will outline the negotiated fee structure for AAPI members. In addition, the web page will have a message tool that allows you to schedule an appointment with White & McGowan if you wish to take advantage of this benefit. As you all know, we appreciate the AAPI community and as the leaders of the organization, we hope to do everything we can to help you and the future generations of our AAPI family.

AAPI Arkansas

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