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President's Message
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2016 AAPI Arkansas Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 27th, 2016, 3.00 PM
Statehouse Convention Center
426 W Markham St.
Little Rock, AR 72201

AAPI 2016 Dinner Talks


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President's Message

Dear AAPI Arkansas family,
It is with immense pride and respect that I am taking over as President of AAPI Arkansas for the year 2016. After graduating from UAMS in 2006, I started my humble beginnings in a private practice group, which had historically never recruited an international medical graduate. It was then that I began to look for an avenue for young physicians of Indian descent like me to advance, both professionally and personally. Over the past several years, I have witnessed AAPI Arkansas grow in numbers and in its outreach efforts. It has risen from a small group of like-minded physicians of Indian origin willing to help other physicians with the same roots into a pivotal organization with well-established goals. AAPI Arkansas in it’s present form stands to uphold values such as charity and betterment of education, predominantly through it’s more experienced and dedicated members, while also serving as a platform for networking for young aspiring physicians. Be it the monthly educational talks targeted at providing medical education; improving practice guidelines for our physicians; or the fun filled gala event where we come together as one big family at our Annual meeting, AAPI Arkansas has always strived to cater to the needs of every one of it’s physician members and their families, and will continue to do so.

In an effort to continually aim higher and do more for the betterment of the community, AAPI Arkansas has decided to earmark a finite amount of money as, “Disaster Relief Fund” beginning this year. These funds will be allocated and distributed to needy parts of the world in times of distress, thus contributing every one of our members’ donations to the global aid process. As has been in previous years, we will continue to inspire the younger generation and recognize the well-rounded and academically excellent youth of our state through the AAPI Arkansas scholarships.

In executing these existing goals and new ones that are yet to be set, I am blessed to have an excellent committee that echoes my thoughts and is willing to give me full support. I would like to acknowledge the untiring efforts of our outgoing President Dr. Balan Nair, and all Presidents’ prior, who have taken the organization to a new level. With the realization that I have big shoes to fill and the excitement that this is an opportunity to give back to the Indian community which in a small town has given me everything that I have, I seek the good wishes of everyone of you members that make up this phenomenal organization, this family called AAPI Arkansas!

Thank you!
Srini Ramaswamy
AAPI Arkansas– President 2016
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